Roseville College enrols girls for Kindergarten to Year 12, culminating in the HSC.

Our Junior School enrols 256 girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. The Junior School is characterised by its welcoming Christian community and strong school spirit. The rigorous curriculum, guided by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) framework, is deeply considered and characterised by a wide range of learning that enriches each girl’s physical, social and spiritual growth. This includes student wellbeing, sports, outdoor education, music and STEAM, co-curricular clubs, health, Christian studies and inter-year initiatives, such as our buddy partners and Peer Support Program.

Life in Junior School

In Junior School, our youngest learners thrive with a vibrant curriculum and a wide range of student well-being and co-curricular opportunities to help each girl be and do her very best at School. Our classrooms are filled with curiosity and questions, discussions and ideas that reflect the diversity of thought and individual experiences. The teachers provide a depth and breadth of learning opportunities that enable every girl to flourish as a learner as each girl strives to achieve her personal best in all aspects of the curriculum. The Junior School is highly interconnected and well resourced. Our staff are committed to the education of girls in a Christian faith environment, with small classes and workgroups. Overall, a caring, nurturing family-like community contributes to an environment where girls live and learn well for purpose.

The inclusive nature of the College, together with the encouragement and support which is provided by the classroom teachers and specialist staff, ensures that girls in the Junior School seek to build upon their interests and passions, developing their individual strengths and being courageous to step out of their "comfort zones" and consolidate and extend their understanding.

The Junior School supports the wellbeing of our girls through our "THRIVE" program, which encourages girls to think positively, make healthy choices, respect themselves and recognise their strengths, interact effectively with others, value things that are important to themselves and engage with the wider community. Within this school-wide approach, the girls are taught strategies they can implement to enhance their own wellbeing.

Roseville College is proud to be an authorised IB Primary Years Program (PYP) school, delivering instruction of an explicit and rigorous English and Mathematics program that lays the foundation for learning across the key learning areas. The process of Inquiry in History, Geography and Science and Technology enables the girls to ask questions, be curious, investigate and develop a rich and deep understanding of the world and its people. The girls are given voice, choice and ownership in their learning which leads to a highly engaging learning environment. We have also implemented a digital citizenship program from Kindergarten to Year 6 which teaches girls the skills required to become a responsible digital citizen.

Foundation statements underpinning the educational programs for Kindergarten to Year 6 at all primary schools in NSW are available from NESA’s special primary website. A “Parents’ Guide to the NSW Primary Syllabuses” is also available from NESA.

Specialist teachers deliver a range of subjects to girls, including Sport and PE, Music, Visual Arts (3-6), Mandarin (K-6) and French (optional, Years 5-6). Information Technology (ICT) and research skills are also explicitly taught, and a dedicated Junior Librarian imparts her joy of literature. Junior girls are supported academically by the Learning Enrichment Team who provide integrated, small group support that meets the varied academic needs within the context of the classroom environment. Music is an integral part of student life at Roseville College, and girls are provided with opportunities to extend their creative talents and enjoyment through choirs and choral groups from Kindergarten, or an individual instrument program starting in Year 3 to lay the foundations of musicianship and technical skills. The latter spans string and wind/brass instruments, in weekly individual or small tuition groups, and develops into opportunities to join instrumental ensembles or the Junior School Band.

The co-curricular program is dynamic and varied, catering for the interests and talents of our Junior girls. The program includes Crusaders, robotics, STEAM, chess, debating, gymnastics, da Vinci Decathlon and Tournament of the Minds. Opportunities for competitive swimming, athletics and cross-country become available from Years 3, and Saturday sport is offered to girls from Years 3. A different sport is enjoyed each term, including football, hockey, netball, tennis, basketball (Years 5-6) and touch football (Year 6). External providers give tuition in speech and drama, Musical Theatre, swimming and tennis before or after school.

The Junior School Leadership Program enables every girl in Year 6 to grow her leadership skills as she participates in the Kindergarten Buddy Program, The Social Action Representatives, Media and Technology Crews, Library Innovators, Cru Leadership, House Leadership or the Junior School Student Leadership Team.

While Kindergarten is a traditional entry point for young girls starting Junior School, with increasing demand on places for Year 7 and Senior Years at Roseville College, combined with the depth of learning opportunities available in Junior School (in preparation for Senior School study), Roseville College has seen corresponding demand increase on earlier intake years: Year 3 and Year 5.

The IB Primary Years Program

Girls in Kindergarten to Year 6 also benefit from the rigour of the IB Primary Years’ Program, in addition to a variety of innovative learning platforms in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Roseville College is proud to be an authorised IB Primary Years Program (PYP) school; IB PYP is the realisation of a vision to develop life-long learners who are internationally minded and contribute positively to their world.

Kindergarten intake

Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 are our littlest “Rosie Girls”, for whom our overarching goal is to engage them in a process of inquiry and exploration so each girl is empowered to courageously test and apply her knowledge across the full spectrum of school life as she journeys into the Primary Years. Across our Junior School, the culture is inclusive, inspirational and characterised by individualised care.

Our focus is on who your daughter is, how she learns well, and how she discovers purpose in and through her education at Roseville College. Our Rosie Girls are inspired to imagine and participate in dynamic learning experiences in stimulating classrooms, with a smaller cohort of 18-22 girls, and innovative learning spaces. Our refurbished, extended Junior School in Victoria Street, Roseville, includes a newly launched STEAM Laboratory that provides younger girls with the opportunity to collaborate meaningfully with one another.

Our well-rounded program aims to help each girl flourish in English and Mathematics. As the girls engage in the curriculum, teachers encourage explorative learning, which is complemented by a moderated, age-appropriate and integrated ICT program. Roseville College’s IB PYP and wide variety of co-curricular activities seeks to nurture each girl’s interests, creativity, God-given talents and personal development. These include the performing and creative arts, sport, public speaking, environmental awareness and leadership opportunities.

Each day, girls participate in foundational and pastoral instruction, which supports and guides their ability to navigate and take part effectively and confidently in day-to-day situations at school. As Kindergarten girls tackle the significant transition from pre-school, each girl is supported by a Year 6 student in a delightful and interactive “Kindy Buddy” program to help younger girls adapt to their new learning environment and feel welcomed as part of the broader Junior School community.

Year 3 intake

The rigorous and considered academic and wellbeing programs that span the Junior School have added importance in Year 3. As a major intake year, with new students welcomed into the Junior School, Year 3 provides a fresh opportunity for girls to develop in relationships – both social and in learning collaboration – and as citizens, who do good, within a community. The Student Wellbeing program is broad and inclusive, and social learning opportunities are authentic and meaningful.

In Year 3, opportunities broaden with the chance to learn visual arts with a specialist teacher, or begin individual instrument tuition (laying foundations of musicianship and technical skills), or to pursue areas of competitive sport such as in swimming, athletics and cross-country. These opportunities, and more, broaden further in Year 4.

Early enrolment opportunities are available to secure Year 3 entry, which proves secure eventual enrolment into the Senior School starting in Year 7.

Year 5 intake

Over recent years, demand on Year 5 intake has been high. With increasing demand on places for Senior Years at Roseville College, combined with the depth of learning opportunities available in Junior School; such as the IB Primary Years Program and dedicated STEAM laboratories, Roseville College has seen corresponding demand increase on earlier Junior School intake years.

Year 5 and 6 offer increased challenge, inspiration and readiness for the Senior Years. There is the added benefit of secure enrolment into Year 7, but this benefit has the advantage of an established connection and relationships at Roseville College. It is distinctive to Roseville College that girls in Years 5 and 6 engage in the Junior School Leadership Program, and each girl is given opportunities to practise and refine leadership skills and responsibility in roles that are appropriate and meaningful for her.