Enrolment Forms and Fee Schedules – Australian Citizens and Residents

An Enrolment Information Pack, available by request from the Registrar, contains useful information, current articles from our Executive and insights about life at Roseville College. Please make your request by telephone, email or using our online request form.

* College fees are determined after careful analysis with Executive staff and School Council members. The attached schedule contains our current fees, including sibling discounts, if applicable, and terms of payment.

Please note: The school makes the fee schedules available for your convenience and, while we anticipate fixed fees throughout the relevant year, we reserve the right to amend fees with appropriate notification. Please confirm with our Registrar at the time of enquiry and application.

Payment Options

Fee payment must be made by one of the following methods:


ONLINE - Edumate Debtor Portal
Simply go to edumate.roseville.nsw.edu.au, login with your Roseville login details and make a one-off payment or configure a recurring direct debit payment schedule. Convenient payment options include direct debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express - 1% surcharge applies).


Simply use your bank’s computer system to make your payment using the BPAY option, then enter your Biller Code and Customer Reference Number, from the foot of your bill, and use a linked debit account or your linked credit card.


BY MAIL – Credit Cards and Cheques
Complete the payment slip at the bottom of your invoice and post, with a cheque payable to Roseville College, to:

The Anglican Schools Corporation
PO Box 465

Please note: When making payments by credit card, instead of posting, you may fax both sides of your completed invoice to 02 8567 4004 or email a scan of both sides to accountsreceivable@tasc.nsw.edu.au. Both sides of the invoice must be sent in order to apply payments to the correct accounts.